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School Counseling Simplified Podcast

Apr 30, 2024

In today's episode we discuss anxiety strategies for school counselors with expert Courtney Bennett.

Courtney is a passionate school counselor and mom of three. She loves to learn, so you will most often find her with a book in hand. She has spent the last several years studying about anxiety, trauma, and executive...

Apr 23, 2024

On today's episode, we explored a variety of strategies for managing student anxiety with special guest Casey O’Brien Martin. Casey shared her wealth of experience working as both an art therapist and school counselor.

Casey O’Brien Martin is a Mom of two boys and a mini schnuazer named Hurley. She is the author of...

Apr 16, 2024

In this episode of School Counseling Simplified, your host, Rachel, shares powerful mindfulness strategies for managing student anxiety and executive functioning. 

Here are some highlights:

  •  Mindfulness activates the prefrontal cortex and cingulate cortex, areas of the brain linked to attention,...

Apr 9, 2024

In today's episode, I chat with Laura Filtness about anxiety strategies. Laura talks through the importance of setting professional boundaries and using therapy dogs in counseling programs. We discuss practical applications for managing anxiety in students and school counselors, including mindful moments, expanding the...

Apr 2, 2024

Anxiety remains our focus this week as we have gotten such an overwhleming response and need to continue to cover this topic.

Today, Jessica, from Counseling Adventures, joins the conversation to share valuable insights and practical strategies for addressing anxiety among students. Drawing from her 10 years of...