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School Counseling Simplified Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

I have exciting news! The doors to my Stress Free Class Lessons Course are now open!

Inside this bonus episode, you’ll hear more details about what this course is, who it’s for, and a breakdown of all five modules.

The doors to this course are open for a limited time. Enrollment ends on August 2, 2022 at midnight....

Jul 26, 2022

We’ve all made mistakes, right? Well, let me tell you, a lot of mistakes were made when I started teaching classroom lessons as a new school counselor. I want to share these mistakes with you and what I learned from each one so you don’t have to make these same mistakes!

Today, I’m being a little vulnerable and...

Jul 21, 2022

Keeping students engaged is a great preventative classroom management strategy. But maybe you’re asking yourself, “How could I possibly keep an entire class engaged for the whole lesson?” Today, I am sharing some of my favorite engaging activities for you to do with your students!

In this episode, I am breaking...

Jul 19, 2022

Does the thought of teaching class lessons overwhelm you? Maybe you don’t have classroom teaching experience or you aren’t comfortable managing an entire classroom while trying to teach a lesson. I know how you feel! Today, I am sharing a few tips I have learned that will help you in the classroom.

In this episode,...

Jul 12, 2022

Are you unsure what to teach during classroom lessons? Is coming up with ideas for meaningful and impactful lessons overwhelming? This episode is for you! As counselors, we have A LOT on our plates and coming up with lesson ideas for each grade for the entire year can seem daunting and stressful. 

Today, we are diving...