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School Counseling Simplified Podcast

Nov 14, 2023

You know I love having other school counselors join me to share their experiences and insight with you! And I thought it would be fun to share my experiences as a school counselor so you can hear a little more about my background and how I got started. Today, I am giving you a glimpse into my path to becoming a school counselor and what my role looked like in my schools.






No two school counselors have the exact same background, experience, or journey school counseling. From not finding a job after graduation to being the school counselor at an international school in Costa Rica and starting Bright Futures Counseling, I have had a unique and amazing journey to where I am now! In this episode, I am sharing my background and roles I had before becoming a school counselor, what I love about being a school counselor, what my days looked like at my previous school, and my best advice for new school counselors.







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